Ruby Zoisite Heart

Ruby Zoisite Heart


30-40g Ruby Zoisite Heart

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Happiness and Self Esteem


Zoisite is known for amplifying energy and providing vitality to your whole system. It can be used during times of stress, it is especially good at helping you slow your heart rate when it is racing. This is also a great stone for helping you find inner peace.


Metaphysical: It is known to enhance your psychic understanding and abilities. Helps connect to Spirit, see Auras, with dream recall and access to Akashic Records.



I appreciate myself and others. I recognize my heart desires and those of others. I respect the dreams of others.


*Please specify if you would like a stone with more pink/red or green. I will select one that aligns with your energy.


*These would be beautiful wire wrapped or hold them in your hand during meditation.