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Where I come from...

My name is Kate, but most of my close friends call me Katie. You best know me as a psychic medium but I'm also a wanderer at heart, I love exploring new places and getting lost in the history of them. More importantly, I am a mom of a ferocious 5 year old little boy who loves cars and a curly haired 2 year old daughter, who I'm pretty sure my mother cursed me with when she said, "I hope you have a daughter who's just like you one day!" I live in Massachusetts where everything is beautiful and we get to experience all of the seasons in all of their wonder. I've lost count but I think this was my 23rd move in my life, we're hopeful this is a place we can really get roots put down. I have a service dog named Princess, she was the partner in crime I never knew I always needed. I sing too loud in the car, when I break a $20 I put the change in my center console to give to people pan handling, I don't think it's my place to judge what they're going through, and I hope if I'm ever in a tight spot, someone would help me in the same manner.

When I was 10, I had my first experience with a Spirit. My family was living in Vermillion, South Dakota at the time and to describe it as difficult for me would be an understatement. I was constantly bullied because I wasn't born and bred there and I spent a lot of time alone in my bedroom. One night my Grandma came to visit me, she laid in bed and told me that everything was going to be alright. It was so peaceful, I honestly thought it was my mom at the time, but when I asked her about it the next morning, she had no clue what I was talking about. It was at that moment I knew I had been visited by Spirit for the first time.

Fast forward 9 years, I was serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in San Diego, California. At this point, I hadn't learned how to fully use and harness my Spiritual gifts. Being on lockdown with 5000 people was overwhelming to say the very least. I remember I would just suddenly start to stare off into the abyss because I was in total sensory overload. If I could see all these Spirits and hear all of these things, was I going crazy?

I ended up getting discharged from the Navy for unrelated issues, I had some medical issues that prevented me from continuing my service. After I got out, I really started to explore my artistic side, but it wouldn't be til almost 8 years later that I really dived deep into developing myself into who I am today.

It was just after the birth of my daughter, I had married my sweetheart from my time in the Navy, we had already had our son and were living in Phoenix, Arizona. I literally could hear God telling me it was the place of my rebirth. The irony wasn't lost on me that I moved to the desert feeling lost, to the city of rebirth and gave birth.

I had all these grand ideas for my rebirth in this wondrous city called Phoenix, but the reality is, most awakenings tend to look like a complete reckoning, and I still had a lot things that I needed to get right with in my life. My health really was suffering at this time because I wasn't doing the personal growth that I needed to. I was awakening and becoming more aware to all of these things about myself, but I wasn't applying any of the things I was learning to my life. I was saying I was, anyone else do that? Guilty here too.

It wasn't until I encouraged my husband to go after his dream job that I decided that I should go after mine. I was so good at telling everyone else in my life to do the things they wanted, but so bad at taking my own advice. I wanted our kids to know that mommy deserved to go after what she wanted too.

So I started taking a Spiritual Development class.

I learned a lot, but there was still a lot that I didn't agree with and I wanted to learn for myself. I became determined to find those advisors that I felt connected to. I listened to Podcasts, read books, YouTube videos, you name it, I've probably tried it. Until one day during meditation it clicked, I was learning a structure base from all of these other great people, now it was time to step into my own.

I started doing Lives, instead of taking "spiritual development" classes, I now focus my studies on different modalities. Here are a few of the different areas I have expertise in:



-Future Readings

-Relationship Readings


-Pendulum Dowsing

-Spiritual counseling

-Spiritual Development guidance

*currently enrolled in Soul Realignment

Slowly but surely, I started booking more readings. Every time one of you books with me, know that I am as excited to connect with you as you are to connect with me.

I truly am getting to live my dream here and now. I look forward to talking with you soon.