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Wow, I can't believe we've made it here ladies and gentlemen. The year of perfect vision. Do you feel like it's almost a cruel joke? The things that haven't made sense to you for many years are going to start to. We have begun to awaken at rapid rate. I have decided to do a SIX month look into 2020 for ALL of YOU!


This month you need to focus on preserving. Spending from the holidays was rough for some and its a good idea to really put money aside for any emergencies that could come up. For some, the mysteries of the year are being written as we speak and what we are telling ourselves is how our story will write.


This month is a manifesting month. You'll want to focus on what you want to attract most to you. Let go of the things that are no longer serving you to make room for the new things that you'll be attracting. Remember, during manifesting times is when we are tested most. I hope this invigorates you to really go after it.


This month you should focus on nourishing yourself. You can't pour from an empty cup. Make sure that you're finding you time each day to do the things that serve you. When we take care of ourselves in small ways, it just enhances our experience on the day to day.


Dreams are coming true this month. It takes time when we begin manifesting things to watch them come to fruition. Hold the faith for the things you want most. I'm seeing lots of new relationships coming for April this year.


This will be your biggest test of the year. Make sure that you repel the things that aren't serving your highest self, because it won't help you reach the goals you're after. It is also where the most growth is going to happen.


The start of summer is a good month all around. Make sure you do things to help brighten someone else's day. We get so wrapped up in everything we have going on that we often forget that those around us are also dealing with stuff. Some of this may require adaptation on your part but it will help make you a better human being.

Be blessed,

The Madame

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